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The Pale Blue Dot


I thought I’d share the video as I find it very thought provoking. The tiny unsuspected dot seen in the beginning of the video is planet Earth. The photograph that’s become known as ‘The pale Blue Dot’, was taken at the request of Carl Sagan, at remarkable distance of 3.7 […]

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“Blog update”


This is the ‘Personal’ section of my blog. All my latest Art related updates will be seen on the right hand side column of the blog situated on the home page. And my personal blogs will be viewed in the left column. I wanted a space within […]

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Lewis Rose

Hi and welcome to my new online showcase for my digital artwork. I’m really excited to finally have a professional online presence up and running. I hope you enjoy browsing through the varied selection of images found in the gallery. I’m going to use this blog to keep the […]

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